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review Pathumrat Hotel
review Pathumrat Hotel
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Review Klaus Voss : Visit: 2014-01-04 - Update : 2014-03-11
Hotel in die Jahre gekommen!
Score by Klaus Voss: Room 3 / Service 3 / Facilities 3 / Location 4 / Reservation 5 : Total Rate : review Pathumrat Hotelby Klaus Voss
Booking on : Oft bei gebucht!Keine Probleme mit Umbuchungen!Good job!!!
Review Vanron Ngoun : Visit: 2012-05-25 - Update : 2012-05-28
Trouble from the beginning when I arrived. The hotel didn t have my booking and have to wait for half an hour before everything is OK. very old and tired. One star should be given. Totally out of date.
Score by Vanron Ngoun: Room 2 / Service 2 / Facilities 2 / Location 4 / Reservation 4 : Total Rate : review Pathumrat Hotelby Vanron Ngoun
Booking on : A bit of the hiccup but overall is OK.
Review Marcel Morel : Visit: 2010-11-02 - Update : 2010-11-05
We stayed two nights in this hotel, when the taxi dropped us my first tought was that it wasnt the right place! But unfortunitly it was. The room was really not nice at all, especially for a deluxe room! If you are expecting a good hot shower after traveling, no luck,there is no hot water in the bathroom, and the plumbing is totally damn, takes at least one hour to empty the tub. The swimming pool is squeezed in between the two wings of the hotel and the water is not clean. Around 11.30 to 12.30 you might have the opportunity to see the sun at the swimming pool between the two wings of the hotel. Besides that the staff of the hotel is very helpfull and nice. This place was build in 1972 and it would really need to be refurbished (or taken down) [R24 integr.ERR:escaping]
Score by Marcel Morel: Room 2 / Service 4 / Facilities 2 / Location 4 / Reservation 5 : Total Rate : review Pathumrat Hotelby Marcel Morel
Review Mal leadbetter : Visit: 2010-07-28 - Update : 2010-08-09
i found staff very good and friendly but the bath room had lot of mould around bath wish was a bit turn off ,the hall had a old mouldy smell about it , i would look else where first next time
Score by Mal leadbetter: Room 2 / Service 3 / Facilities 3 / Location 4 / Reservation : Total Rate : review Pathumrat Hotelby Mal leadbetter
Review Jayant Patel : Visit: 2010-07-09 - Update : 2010-07-20
Excellent hotel for the value. Recommend it highly
Score by Jayant Patel: Room 4 / Service 5 / Facilities 4 / Location 5 / Reservation 4 : Total Rate : review Pathumrat Hotelby Jayant Patel
Review Michael Rothwell : Visit: 2010-03-03 - Update : 2010-03-20
Very friendly staff, but the hotel is extremely shabby, I would not use again
Score by Michael Rothwell: Room 2 / Service 5 / Facilities 2 / Location 3 / Reservation : Total Rate : review Pathumrat Hotelby Michael Rothwell
Booking on : Very good

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